Monday, December 6, 2010

Bravo for the rejection to recuse the judge

It is a wonderful new indeed to read that the court had rejected Anwar Al Juburi's second bid to recuse the judge.

The 63 years old Anwar is charged with sodomising his coffee boy, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 25 on June 26th 2008 between 3.01pm and 4.30pm at Unit 11-5-1 of Desa Damansara Condominium in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara.

There was no real danger of bias on Justice Mohamad Zabidin's part to continue hearing the case based on the court transcript over the exchange of words between Karpal Singh and him with the view that a reasonable man who reads the words in proper context.

Karpal Singh had once requested the government to divulge the evidence of Anwar's sodomy before during Anwar's first sodomy case in a Parliament session so we know that Karpal is well aware of Anwar's preference for sodomy.

The first recusal application was due to the refusal of the judge to cite Utusan Malaysia for contempt over a news report the defence claimed was prejudicial to the case.

Let us all stop and think for once why is the USA so interested in a sodomy trial of a person named Anwar Ibrahim when there are other sodomy cases of citizens of Malaysia being charged for sodomy.

This special treatment by the US officials towards Anwar Ibrahim is questionable and biased. If they care so much about sodomy cases, then they should have interfered in all of the sodomy cases being charged in Malaysia.

What is so special about this Anwar Ibrahim character that USA would spent its time and resources to follow closely the proceedings of the case?

Nobody should trust this ignominious character at all because time and time again he himself had proven to the public that his words cannot be trusted upon.

We should also be careful with Khairy Jamaluddin who had once been so loyal to him that he would personally be willing to spend his time to send Anwar's passport to him.

Surely both of them are in an affair to give this country to foreign powers which they are trying so hard to cover up.


  1. Sudah muntah berlambak-lambak kerana sehingga hari ini mahkamah masih lagi terpaksa menepis perkara-perkara sampingan yang di jolok oleh peguam pembelaa.

    Kes sebenar Anwar meliwat masih lagi tertangguh kerana hakim dipaksa menimbang perkara-perkara sampingan, bukannya tuduhan meliwat Anwar.

  2. Nice article, Wake UP!. The rakyat are getting bored with the delays in his trial. This can be seen from the decreasing size of his group of supporters attending the trial. And the details of the alleged crime coming out of the trial itself is nauseating. I means seriously, who would give a flying fuck to what his dick did to another man's asshole? On whether there was a penetration, or DNA, or anal tear? Those have got nothing to do with the country's economy, political stability and the general welfare of the rakyat unlike what he is trying to portray. Only fools (like those protesting in the recent KL water protest) would fall for that.

  3. Bro Kenn and anonymous. Nobody gives a fuck about Anwar Ibrahim. There are more important things such as how to protect our economy from being effected by the economic downfall in USA.

    But it's no wonder that traitorous character like Anwar Ibrahim would love for our economy to be down so that IMF will come in to help so that they can indirectly be in control of Malaysia in the means of the economy.

    Think of borderless world as another means of the colonizers to once again become masters of other nation.

  4. i, too, was at the verge of vomiting wheneva i read about the details of the trial. but the most nauseating is the way they went into trivial things which they hope can delay the case. it falls on me that there're so many delaying tactics played by nwar berahi & da gang. when will we get the verdict, then?

    the USA is no more paying interest in this case except for some gay buddies of nwar berahi who r not so influential over there, especially after hillary met our PM. nwar had also being ignored by the aussie's top leaders in sydney the other the sponsorship will be lesser n lesser after years of waiting for his dreamy victory!

    really hope to see justice is being served to the the rest of the rakyat, instead of just this 'god-sent idol'!!!!


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