Monday, October 18, 2010

Paying the delegates to get what he wants once more

Bad news folks! There had been news that Khairy Jamaluddin had paid the delegations to force the Prime Minister to appoint him as a minister.

Before this, we had heard that he paid the delegates as well to be appointed as the Pemuda UMNO Youth Chief.

For goodness sake! From the moment he had become the Pemuda UMNO Youth Chief, what had he been doing in order to gain the support of the youths towards UMNO?

Whenever he went, there had been chaos and if there are any election or by-election, he will be the sole reason for BN to be defeated there.

It's like he has a bad aura or bad vibes that he brings with him everywhere he went. Like he is doing bad things on purpose so that people will hate him and associate it with UMNO.

He is a Malay liberal that is up to no good and will not defend the Malay race but would rather defend MCA Youth Chief's racist and biased statement.

He also loves to belittle and slur Perkasa, a Malay NGO that is now gaining popularity amongst the Malays.

He had before said that if many UMNO members join Perkasa, he would step down? So what are you still waiting for KJ?

I bet you want to see UMNO destroyed to the core before you join PKR to defend Anwar Ibrahim.

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  1. What I dont understand is, person with such "stories" he seems to carry along with him every where he goes (dont need to list out the stories one by one I supposed), is still surviving in UMNO. Not only that, because of the "survival", look what has happened to the Pemuda Wing? Not only the MCA/MIC can help out UMNO, UMNO's own wing is quite or truly useless, if not damaging, in this respect.

    And the President of UMNO still find it fit to "play safe"? Is it really safe, like this?

    Maybe Najib has the answers.

  2. Kenn. The opposition just love KJ making havoc in UMNO. That is why they never attack him.

    He is just a pawn put by Anwar Ibrahim to destroy UMNO by making people hate him by what he is doing.

  3. is the fate of umno leaders still in the hands of selected delegates? what happened to opening up voting rights to ALL members?


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