Sunday, October 3, 2010

A loser has no right to criticise others!

Azmin Ali, the gigolo who had sold himself and his wife to Anwar Ibrahim had chided Tun Dr Mahathir as fallen flat on his face in Melbourne in a TV3 report of PKR's meeting in Ampang tonight.

Look at your own party's members attendance before you criticise others okay you moron. Moreover, with the fracas at PKR's divisional meeting in Sabak Bernam.

The funniest thing is that some clever person tried to pin the blame on UMNO. If your leader is a sodomiser, do you blame it on UMNO as well?

Why are you so angry at this pensioner? Is it because he is the one who exposed your beloved boss as being a traitor of the nation, a sodomiser and a corrupt person?

I am sure that as the most important person in PKR, a number two person holding the highest post in PKR after your beloved Anwar Ibrahim, you will defend him to death.

I know that most of Tun Dr Mahathir's avid admirers will feel their blood boil at the insolence made by Azmin Ali because I feel the same when I heard his insulting remarks.

Who is he to chide Tun Dr Mahathir who is the father of modernisation of Malaysia? You are nothing but a loser who tried to be a winner by supporting a sodomiser. Figures!

I would applaud the person who will beat this moron to a pulp for being so insulting towards Tun Dr Mahathir.


  1. You are so barbaric. You're entitled to your opinion, you're entitled to worship the father of corruption and marginalisation of Malaysia (who actually happens to be half indian)...but why should this guy be beaten to a pulp for having an opinion, just like you?

    Just trying to make you see reason. Futile, but I try.

  2. Am I that barbaric to the extend of raping, bashing up, stabbing and burning a person until she became ashes?

    Tun Dr Mahathir is more a Malay than an Indian who would be heartless to the extend of killing and burning someone to death.

  3. Jangan salahkan pemimpin bangsa lain kalau pemimipin bangsa sendiri tak boleh memimpin. Azmin Ali bukan sahaja bacul dan tak bermaruah tapi Moron, stupid,dumb,clot,goon, idiot, half-wit, rat bag,donkey,jackass, know-nothing, turkey.

    Samad, tidak akan maju sesuatu bangsa itu kalau bangsa itu sendiri tidak mahu memajukannya. Pemimpin India di bawah pemerintahan Semi-value hanya mahu meminta tanpa mahu bekerja. Jangan salahkan Tun m kalau masa pemerintahan nya kaum India ketinggalan.

  4. And a gigolo who would sell his own wife and himself for a position in PKR.

  5. KESIAN kat Budak Samad tuh... barangkali dia ni HYBRID dari Rangoon, Myanmar yang dilahirkan di tepi longkang pasar borong Selayang... itu pasallah dia tak tahu darah India Mahathir jauh lebih sedikit berbanding Anwar Ibrahim... bahkan darah Mahathir jauh lebih bangsawan kerana datuk di sebelah ibunya adalah WAN MAT SAMAN, Menteri Besar Kedah yang berjaya menyiapkan Terusan Wan Mat Saman yang terkenal dari kaki Gunung Jerai sampai ke Sungai Kedah...

    Hanya si bongok hybrid pendatang asing sahaja yang tidak tahu fakta ini. Rakyat Malaysia tulen biasanya tidak akan mengungkit keturunan seseorang, apatah lagi keturunan Mahathir... apatah lagi dengan kaitan darah Mahsuri yang mengalir dari sebelah ibunya, Wan Tempawan Wan Hanafi....

    Woi Samad Hybrid... balik ler ke negara mak bapak kau!!!!

  6. Samad,

    You're in total denial...!
    Wash your face...

  7. Woi Samad Hybrid....I'll be the first to grind you to pulp if i get my hands on you so that you can be recycled as toilet paper for the arses.
    THe Grinder


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