Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chucking out KJ is the way to attract the young voters who hated him

He went on a 18-minute tirade against what he believes are 10 characteristics of Umno Youth grassroots leaders that must be “dropped”.

The 10 characteristics are: elitism, shirking of collective responsibility, being photo opportunist (masuk frame), agent provocateurs (batu api), the yes men culture, back-stabbing, being two-faced (talam dua muka), opportunism, 'syok sendiri', and brown-nosing (budaya punchcard).

The above is quoted from an article titled "Elegant silence follows KJ's policy speech" in Malaysiakini.

Bravo KJ! I salute you. You had just described yourself in the 10 characteristics you described above. You sure do know yourself best.

KJ. Do you think that this time you are brave enough to contest as the UMNO Youth Chief again since the last round you were in charge, nothing much had been done by Pemuda UMNO to garner the support of the youth to be interested in UMNO?

Moreover, you won by paying RM10k each to each delegates eligible to vote before. Therefore, UMNO should think of a new way to let all UMNO members to vote via the e-vote so that those unscrupulous people like KJ who has the money and can pay a few hundreds delegates chosen to go to vote for UMNO leaders later. I am sure he can't possibly pay millions of UMNO members RM10k each.

This latest news that he paid delegates to pressure Datuk Seri Najib to put KJ as a minister. Even before this the Prime Minister had not succumb to the pressure of the UMNO Youth exco he had gathered shamelessly in a meeting with the PM. So don't you get it already?

You are not going to get that post. Just get it through your thick skull, okay? You also stole the idea of the Youth Lab from Datuk Razali and made it your own.

How low can you get if you can steal someone else's idea and make a cheap publicity and claim it as yours? I feel like vomitting when I see your bad acting.


  1. Well done bro! kasi hantam sama ini kitol

  2. Thanks bro Parpu. Wow! It's an honour to have you commenting in my blog.

  3. Wah Merah! - bila tukar background ni? Sempena perhimpunan Agong? - yang penting cantik! :D

  4. Bro.. it's an interesting piece you have here. Kita kasik tendang ini Kitol kuar dari UMNO.. He's just another pain in the scrotum..

  5. Mohon promosi blog kami. Terima kasih.

    - Galas untuk BN -

  6. KJ..KJ what talk you
    help yourself we don't like you
    you come from oxford act like dungu
    you as ketua Pemuda we Melayu are so malu

    Your fader-outlaw think you are so clever
    He is so lembab and you are no better
    you always kencing and never was sincere
    Want to be hero but you are so penakut punyer!

    you always talk cock don't know when to stop
    your telor so besar while pak lah was at the top
    He still think your speech good best of the lot
    you better buzz off go shake your blardy cock!!!


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