Sunday, September 5, 2010

Majority rules

The rules of voting in any election is that the majority rules. The candidate who receive the most votes from the public wins.

Not the other way round. So what is this crap propogated by the kiasu in DAP that we must listen to the minority? If the minority wants that, maybe they should go to the alternate universe where that could happen.

Of course the minority have to right to voice out their opinion, but what is being said by the majority should be heard first because what the majority wants will in the end be the results of the election.

If in this world the minority that votes for DAP wins the general election, then the whole world must shuffle their voting results because in every country in this world, the majority rules, not the minority.

Therefore, we the Malays must remain united regardless of what DAP is trying to do by trespassing the mosque and 'surau'.

PAS should be cleverer and put aside their differences with UMNO because both parties represent the Malays and Muslims. United we will be stronger, divided we will fall. And that is exactly what DAP is trying to do to us Muslims when they trespass the mosque and 'surau'.

In Chapter 17 of The Book of Virtue. Believers are like compact structure.

1773. Abu Musa r.a. narrated that the Messenger of Allah s.a.w. said: "A believer to another believer is like a structure whose section supports one another." (Bukhari 481.)

In Chapter 18 of The Book of Virtue. Believers are all like one man.

1774. An-Nu'man bin Bashir r.a. narrated that the Messenger of Allah s.a.w. said: "You see the believers as regards their being merciful among themselves and showing love among themselves and being kind among themselves, resembling one body. If any part of it is not well, then the whole body suffers sleeplessness and fever with it." (Bukhari 6011.)


  1. Salam Wake UP!

    Talking about majority .... BN punya majoriti tak sampai pun 300K, very disturbing figure.

    Najib jika terus ambil remeh sokongan Melayu, that 300K boleh hilang. Undi cina memang tak bergerak walau banyak mana bodek pun...

  2. Para bloger seperti kita hanya mampu memberikan peringatan kepada PM kerana kuasa mutlak ditangannya.

    Jangan pula nanti yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong pula berciciran.

    Melayu masih majoriti jadi keutamaan patut diberikan kepada Melayu. Carilah jalan penyelesaian dengan menggunakan apa cara sekalipun untuk menyatukan Melayu.

    Ini kerana Melayu itu Islam dan Islam itu Melayu bagi penduduk di Malaysia.

  3. Umno kena jaga Melayu kalau taknak Melayu tinggalkan dia.Jangan yg dikejar tak dapat yg dikendong berciciran.

    Elok juga kalau kita tinggalkan sistem demokrasi yg sentiasa membenar dan memenangkan majoriti(sepatutnyalah)ini.Kita gunakan saja kuasa veto,negara ni kan negara kita,diorang tu cuma diberi 'ehsan' saja.Patut kena sedar diri.

  4. The way you are thinking is quite scary. It is a fact that Malays are the majority population in Malaysia, making up nearly 70% of the population.

    What you want is for the Malays to be treated as the supreme race. You want the Malays to be 'diutamakan'. That's sad. It's awfully racist and will make your country worse than it is.

    The USA mostly consists of whites. Does that mean the whites get scholarships, discounts, preferential treatment, and 'hak istimewa'? Does that mean they are prioritised over blacks, Asians and hispanics? No.

    I hope you understand what I am trying to say.


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