Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does criminals deserve human rights?

In his report, he alleged that during his interrogation on Sept 12, he was punched and beaten with a rubber hose. He also alleged a piece of wood was used to hit his private parts.

That was an excerpt from a NST report titled "Suspect says he was beaten in lock-up" dated 27th September 2010.

Compare that to what the heartless criminal had done to more than a dozen of his victims where his latest four victims had been raped (for the lady), beaten senseless, stabbed many times over, being lit on fire maybe when they are still alive and their ashes strewn in the nearby river.

Beating up criminals who does not give a damn about the human rights of their victims should be treated the same as they had treated their victim.

An average of one white-collar crime involving lawyers is being reported every day nationwide and the public are advised to consult the Bar Council before engaging any lawyer.

Federal Commercial Crimes Investigations Department (CCID) deputy director DCP Datuk Nooryah Md Anvar said from January till September this year, police have arrested 35 lawyers nationwide for 290 cases reported against them.

That was an excerpt from The Sun titled "Check with Bar Council on lawyers: Police" dated 27th September 2010.

Members of Bar Council are human beings and as human beings are prone to being criminals who will use their law knowledge to get away with the crimes they had committed using their knowledge.

There should be a new harsher law imposed especially for lawyers who are proven to be guilty for being criminals when they can manipulate their clients and cheat them out of their properties to the extend of murdering them without any mercy.

Murderers regardless of whether they are lawyers, when they commit murders, they should be hanged to death. If child abusers are hanged to death, so should white collar criminals who murder their victims.

Just because they are more educated than a taxi driver, why should they get away with murder?

However, one question that should be asked to the public is that, what will the public do to the accused if those criminals are let off by their criminal lawyers on technicality?

I mean, for me personally nowadays too, I am vigilant when I see Indians. Does anyone else feel that way? Thinking that when will that Indian rob them?


  1. Tuan

    I agree 100% with your write up. Bravo!


  2. Kalau seorang anak di dakwa oleh rakan-rakannya sebagai pencuri dan kalau dakwaan itu disertakan dengan bukti yang dirasakan mencukupi oleh si bapa, makanya bapa kepada si anak tadi tidak akan teragak-agak untuk menggunakan kaedah pukul (satu yang menyakitkan fizikal) bagi tujuan mendapatkan pengakuan dari si anak yang didakwa mencuri itu!

    Ini bermakna pukul, pulas dan jentik bukanlah kaedah asing untuk membuatkan seseorang melakukan sesuatu (membuat pengakuan). Lagi pun pukul, pulas dan jentik pada tahap yang ringan dan sederhana bukanlah satu jenis penderaan malah dalam agama, ada arahan agar anak yang didapati liat dalam melakukan ibadat wajib di pukul pda tahap tidak mencederakan.

    Cumanya yang tidak dibenarkan adalah penderaan (mental dan fizikal). Penderaan adalah sesuatu yang menyakitkan mental dan fizikal yang dilakukan berulang-ulang kali untuk satu tempoh yang agak lama. Kaedah ini (penderaan) memanglah tidak dapat diterima untuk mendapatkan pengakuan.

    Tetapi, kaedah jentik dan pulas telinga contohnya masih dianggap yang terbaik untuk mendapatkan pengakuan dari tertuduh. Lagi pun kaedah ini kalau dilakukan terhadap suspek (yang mempunyai cukup saksi menyokong pertuduhan itu), meskipun tertuduh itu di sakiti tidaklah mampu membuatkan dia membuat pengakuan palsu.

    Dalam kata lain kalaulah seseorang itu disyaki mengarahkan satu pembunuhan dan kalau dia tidak membuat arahan tersebut makanya meskipun telinganya dipulas atau tubuhnya disakiti masakan dia akan mengaku mengeluarkan arahan berkenaan. Sebaliknya kalau sememangnya dia yang mengeluarkan arahan berkenaan, hanya dengan sedikit tekanan fizikal dan psikologi, dia akan tewas dan segalanya akan terbongkar.



    Kalau nanti ahli keluarga kau mati dibunuh, kau bagitau la polis, jangan pukul suspek kes bunuh keluarga kau.


  4. Bro wake up,bro atas pagar sebenarnya menyokong kaedah torture penjenayah oleh polis.Salah faham kot.

  5. Lol hopefully you get caught, raped, and burned alive by one of those Indians you fear!

  6. Anon 9:47PM. Why should I when I will not be conned by any Indian or follow them anywhere? If any Indian want to meet me, we have to meet up at the police station. Lol!

    Only an Indian like you will hope for the gruesome fate of Datuk Sosilawati to befall others fucker!


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