Monday, September 6, 2010

Be a lady and not a B

“Allah will not look at a woman who is not thankful to her husband despite the fact that she can not get along without her husband” reported in Nisa’.

I am rebuking the behaviour of some wife of some prominent leader of this country who likes to put herself forward in every occassion and any way that she can.

I am not naming names but I can assure you that Malaysians especially the Malays are not satisfied with this over acting attitude of this leader's wife.

Even Dr Ridzuan Tee Abdullah had written a piece about this (I can't seem to find the link though remember clearly about reading it firsthand) and commended the non interfering ways of the former premier's wife, Tun Siti Hasmah compared to this person.

Although some quarters that have vested interest may and will praise and assure this person that she is doing the right thing, take it from me it's not.

They may praise you in front of you and assure that everything is alright, but I can tell you that many of the ordinary folks have chided you whenever you appear in the television or in the news, as if you are competing with your husband for the public's attention.

Can you just let your husband do his job without showing off that you are in control of everything, that you are a queen control because that is WHAT EVERYONE IS SAYING!

This person is the only person in Malaysia that is so happy about her position now as the first lady. Ordinary folks out there had had enough of her!

Obama is the President of the United States of America and I don't see Michelle becoming a media crazy seeking woman who is ahead of her husband in every official or non-official event of the President.

If you continue with your oblivious attention crazy ways, don't blame anyone if you become one of the reasons why BN will lose the majority in the next general election.

I am voicing this out loud and clear because I love BN and UMNO and if I don't, I won't be voicing this out because UMNO can go hell and lose out in the election.

Please act like a real first lady and not a capital B. Don't let me say, I told you so after the election.


  1. wow!!! i really like your post...its true and sooo god damn true..keep it up...cheers...:)

  2. right on !!! i share th every same feelings toward this "B" homo sapien...

  3. Marah bro, relax la.. honest view but please dont attemp to spark friendly fire against the party. Neither way, voice it nor leave it, nothing could change anything in the real world. But one thing for sure, our advance step into critism will only give bad impression against our leader, yet we praise him as 'the man who lead for example'. I support BN/UMNO not mainly because I like the person who being the head of the government for instance.

    When the time come, everything will be changed. It is a FACT. People, political cultures change BUT BN/UMNO remained still for new comer (hopefully). 1-2 term isnt a big deal than having those 'ultra kiasu' taking place. We dont help opposition to take advantage by putting us into 'protesting mode' in their blogs as we are currently struggling to gain back rakyat trusts to our BN/UMNO leadership...

    Personally, I agree we have the rights expressing our view based on how we see the situations. The problem is how we can translate that so it would not impact BN/UMNO than just to a person we dislike..?

  4. Apai. The fact is that, that is what the grassroots are feeling. You will hear bad comments about the first lady whenever she appears on TV if you mingle with the grassroots.

    Don't sweep things under the carpet. Denying or ignoring it does not mean the uncomfortable feelings of the people about her is not true.

  5. hmmmm
    dah-ling i penah tau tengok cerita cina err ala ala zaman purba kala lah.

    pendekkan cerita ada satu gundik ni maharaja SAYANG GILER. tapi seluruh tentera dah tension ya amat dengan gundik ni sebab seolah olah dia la control segala.

    nak naikan semangat tentera semula dan moral mereka gundik ni dihukum pancung kepala. DRAMA AND MELANKOLIK KAN? hehehe gundik tu mati je seluruh bala tentera and pemimpin negara kembali percaya and menyokong maharaja.

    hmmmmmm perlu kan begitu DRASTIK??

    still behind every suami/lelaki yang berjaya ada wanita di belakangnya. :D


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