Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why is it during Ramadan, CNY or Deepavali, Malays lose their limbs?

When kids of the other races are busy doing something more useful, the Malay kids will get busy to play fireworks, firecrackers and home made bamboo bombs.

Then they will lose their limbs; one of their eyes, 3 of their fingers, some of their toes, etc, etc. When that happen, they will cry and regret it for the rest of their lives.

Whatever we do, have lasting consequences, so Malay parents, please advise your children not to play those dangerous things without an adult supervision.

Better still, if you could advise them to do something more useful.

Let's see, maybe something like studying or revising their academic books rather than wasting time playing things that can make them a disable for the rest of their lives.

Don't go blaming or crying when that happens because it's your own fault. Can you just ask yourself why no kids from the other races loses their limbs like the Malay kids?

Malays. Is it that their name is Melayu that they are just that in every aspect of the daily lives?

No wonder Tun Dr Mahathir finally gave up on the Malays because they never change for the better. They keep getting worst.

And the other races are laughing and clapping their hands at the Malays stupidity especially at the Malay liberal who would go as far as selling out their own race to show how liberal they are.


  1. This issue must be tackle in toto. Look at it this way. The injury sustained is because kids play with fireworks/crackers and other self made explosives. So, if we can stop this materials from reaching our kids, they won't have this sort of materials to play with or to be modified into explosives in the firs place. And if kids don't play with this dangerous items, the probability of them gets hurts is almost zero.


  2. sebab budak-budak melayu ni bebal tak sudah despite past happenings. tiap2 tahun the same old story about budak melayu melecur/putus jari main mercun. tahun ni, this is taken to new heights.. ajal terus budak malang tu, all because mak bapak simpan stok mercun dalam rumah for illegal trading. when are they ever, ever, going to learn?

  3. They are never going to learn because they are Melayu. They are going to continuously make the same mistake over and over again until their sons become handicapped.

    It is so stupid to become handicapped because of your own stupidity rather than becoming handicapped because of defending the country from communists like the policemen who died defending the police station in Bukit Kepong.


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