Monday, August 30, 2010

Where are the Youth Wing in UMNO?

4 police reports had been received relating to the controversial video clip produced by Namewee or Wee Meng Chee.

I hope more reports by the Malays who feel offended by this will be made. Where are all the Pemuda UMNO who are supposed to be in the front line of UMNO?

Have you guys become chicken due to having an asshole transvestite as a leader? That's what you get when you accept bribery just so that he can be assured to be a leader who had done nothing to improve the image of Pemuda UMNO.

All Malays who are not Malay liberals who are more towards defending the Chinese kiasus should be offended by the video clip and make more police report.

We have to be together in this as the racist kiasus too had made more police report on the principal who had been slandered by a student who had disciplinary records. That student had been instigated by an Indian teacher to make that report.

Read more about what really happened in the case of principal Hajjah Siti in the principal had been betrayed. Read more here.

The case against Namewee is being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948. It carries a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or a maximum jail terum of 3 years or both upon conviction.

Since Pemuda UMNO is more like a weakling who had no balls nowadays, maybe Perkasa should take a lead and make the police report? Every state that have Perkasa, the respective Perkasa leader should take the initiative to make the police report.

Perkasa had to prove itself as being more accepted by the younger generation compared to Pemuda UMNO because the transvestite had also issued a statement he will leave UMNO if more UMNO members support Perkasa.

Let us prove that more Pemuda and UMNO members are now supporting Perkasa and kick that transvestite out of UMNO.


  1. I think Namewee's video was hilarious. No denying plenty of what was in it. I just don't understand whyy they never investigate the stupid headmistress under ISA.

    Only stupid radicals will feel upset by that video, i think. Haih, grow up la.

  2. You should grow up. You feel it's hilarious because you are the one who is stupid. You said the headmistress is stupid. Proves that you are a racist communist who will feel joy when others slur the Malay and Muslims.

    It's okay for the non-Muslims to be racists and then claim it's their right but when the Malay Muslims defend their right and race, they are deemed a racist.

    Grow up will ya? If you are not satisfied, migrate to China or India, where you will be much happier.

  3. Anony 9.55, Hilarious my foot......that stupid headmistress says it out loud and clear.Let send all those pigling to where they belong.....


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