Saturday, August 21, 2010

Namewee asked the Malays to live in the jungle and live like Sakai

‘Talk some more lah / Chinese go back to China / If all go back ah / This would not be Malaysia / I fear where you will find work / But it's usual lah, Malays also don't like to work / All go into the jungle / Live like Sakai.’

(Bercakap lagi lah / orang Cina balik ke China / Jika semua balik ah / Ini buikan jadi Malaysia lagi / Saya bimbang di mana anda nak cari kerja / Tetapi itu biasalah / orang Melayu juga tidak suka bekerja / semua pergi masuk hutan / hidup macam Sakai).

Namewee wrote that song too. So, does that constitute slur towards the Malays or not?

The Malays who feel offended with those lyrics should make a police report. The police should also investigate this arrogant racist bastard for racism under I.S.A. and/or The Sedition Act.

If the Chinese feel that they are so great, why don't they go back to the hell hole they come from and we'll see if Malaysia will be destroyed or not once they are gone?

Before asking the Malays to go live in the jungle, the first person who should go are the descendants of communists who are still clinging to their communists racism.


  1. dalam islam ada mengatakan tanda2 orang yang nak pergi ialah berkelakuan pelik dan semakin pelik, luar biasa berani... ciri2 sama ada pada budak ini. Wallahualam

  2. Dalam Islam takde benda macam tu. Cuma orang Melayu yang percaya tu.

    Ada yang mati tak bagi tanda pelik pun ramai jugak.

    Jadi tak patut percaya benda macam tu.

  3. herm... i dont want to light or burn up the fire of rage between us chinese or malays. BUt those statements somehow offended me.
    I somehow believe that understanding and unity can be realise if we each understand and compromise each other. Help the ones needed. Not by insult or hurting each other feelings.
    that's what unity is all about right? we sacrifice and we accept each other for what the differences and defaults that each of us possesed.

    but... regarding what this namawee trying to say. i kinda feel the hopes are fading away. Us malays can't be offended regarding our rights. and still we cannot make any difference towards it. apart from all those struggles since merdeka...
    and these chinese feels they are being discriminise apart from the point that we actually accept their jus soli citizenship. And they somehow cannot be thankful enough.

    What's wrong of about haveing unity and we all living together peacefully and happily...

  4. budak ni padan kena kutip masuk guni campak gaung..

  5. Zaim. We the Malays had never stopped anyone especially the Chinese from doing their business until 8 out of 10 richest person in Malaysia are Chinese.

    But they now are so greedy that they want to control the political powers to. That is the fact that is done by DAP and other Chinese party; MCA and Gerakan.

    If they are playing the racists cards, we can do it as well. We have to defend our race rather than siding with them like KJ.

  6. Herm... i got some chinese friends who always complain that they got good results in SPM. but somehow the matriculation doesnt approve them. and they got to go to private school. to further their study.
    I mean. if we put our self in their shoes. who dont feel angry about this? i mean. imagine your children strive so hard for SPM. and just because they are chinese. they dont get accepted to any matriculation or anything. and need to use their own money to pay their sons study.

    I just want an explanation to this statement from my friends...

  7. WakeUp, kesian orang Cina ada 81% aje, apa salahnya bagi mereka lebih? Mereka juga mahu cari makan! Tamak lah Melayu ni, tak cukup ke 19%? :D

  8. If they are not selected for matriculation, they can always opt to take up STPM. Moreover, STPM certificate is better than matriculation.

    I don't think they want to go to matriculation since most of them will opt to go to private colleges after SPM.

    Let's see. 8 out of 10 richest people in Malaysia are Chinese. Surely most of them can afford to send their children to private colleges since they already know that they will not be chosen for matriculation.

  9. Cina ni kiasu. Rasis, komunis, KKK, tak sedar diri, setiap negara yang mereka ada pun, mesti kena ada Chinatown.

    Tak sedar diri punya manusia. Dah la semua perniagaan utama di Malaysia pun depa monopoli. Sampai boleh tipu bekalan tak cukup la untuk naikkan harga barang.

    Dah tu. Ada ramai jugak Cina buat kerja haram, tak bayar cukai pun pada kerajaan.

    Tak puas hati lagi, berambus balik China atau Singapura la. Jadi komunis di sana lagi bagus. Malaysia ni tak suka komunis.

  10. Every country have to have a chinatown only in Malaysia the Malays are good enough that every town is chinatown, what more do they want from the Malays?


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