Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crocodile tears to save his own ass after abusing to death a small kid is not working.

Syafiah Humairah, 3, died of abuse by her mother's boyfriend at a football field near their house in Kampung Batu 30, Ulu Yam Lama near Batang Kali.

Siti Nurhanim Aziz, 25, the mother's victim denied that her boyfriend abused or hit her daughter. She is in denial when neighbours witnessed the accused, Mohd Fazli Azri Jamil kicking the victim.

She would rather defend that monster than becoming a true witness and admitting the abuse. What a terrible mum to defend someone who is the reason why her daughter is now in the grave.

The prosecution in its opening statement said there are witnesses who saw the accused kicking the victim.

“I have always treated Piah (referring to Syafiah) like my own and I love her very much. Piah likes to be with me and to stay with me,” he said as he wiped his tears with a tissue paper.

“On the morning of Feb 25 (the day of the alleged incident), Piah fell in the bathroom when she was playing during her bath.

“In the afternoon on the same day, I took Piah on a motorcycle but she was not wearing a crash helmet.”

Blatant lies to save his own ass from being sent to the gallows for abusing a small girl to her death.

“I was ‘high’ from the drugs and the stout and I do not remember what I did at that time. I do not remember stepping or kicking Piah.”

(Prosecution witnesses had previously testified that they saw Fazli kicking and stepping on Syafiah with his football shoes at the field on the day of the alleged incident.)

A drug addict who will not know what he did, like a case in Kelantan where a drug addict uncle murdered his own niece cannot be trusted at all. His words cannot be trusted because he will lie to save his own ass.

These criminals, and they are criminals for killing innocent child, should be sent to the gallows so that they can never hurt another human being like what they did to the murder victim.

This drug addict should have hired Karpal Singh as his lawyer because he is so good at postponing Anwar's sodomy case and maybe he could scout free due to technicallity.

There should be a new Act which will put to death all those that kill and abused to death small children. The same goes to the monster that rapes their own flesh and blood.

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