Friday, July 16, 2010

Suicide or killed by goons hired by gangsters in PR?

It's not surprising that The Star keeps harping on Teoh Beng Hock issue to demonise Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officers.

Teoh was willing to be a witness for MACC, so the losing party would be the one Teoh was working for since he knew about all the corruption done by his bosses.

So either he had killed himself out of shame for turning a blind eyes towards the corruption done by his bosses or his bosses had sent their goons to do their dirty work for them.

MACC will benefit from the statements and Teoh who had agreed to be their willing witness.

The so called forensic expert who looked more like a prostitute rather than a professional too had made up excuses not to give her statement to the last inquest.

Therefore, make your own conclusions on this issue.


  1. The unfortunate stupidity displayed by Wake Up! in this article is the same sort that fills much of the MACC, and sadly also tarnishes many in the Malay race.

    First he shows his maturity by calling a world-respected forensic pathologist a 'prostitute'.

    Second, he concludes that a man low down in the hierarchy of his party who has a wife on the side that he loves and is about to marry, AND has a child on the way...WOULD COMMIT SUICIDE OUT OF SHAME??

    Ha! The sooner the people like this blogger commit suicide, the sooner this country will become a developed nation =P

  2. You should be the first one to commit suicide. I am so happy here that I am going to live and die of natural causes.

    The ones who likes to eat pork should be more careful since there are all sorts of diseases caused by the dirty pigs reared in unhygienic conditions.


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