Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breaking the siege of Gaza

I am a bit dissappointed when I looked at some of the behaviours of the participants of the Perdana Gloabal Peace Organisation International Conferance today.

Some of the students representing one local universities were doing their own thing during the speeches by the speakers. Some are reading other books in Malay. I wonder if they understand what the speakers are talking about due to the lack of interest in it. Some was dozing off to dreamland.

Maybe the boring speeches were lulling them off to sleep? Those speeches might be boring but that are the facts of life in the other part of the world. You are so lucky to live in a war free country but if you keep on sleeping like that, one day our country could end up like Gaza.

If I mentioned which university they are from, this will degrade the goodwill and good name of the university. Most were sitting at the back.

That is why most Malaysian are not interested in going to international conferences overseas.

Surely one of the reasons is that firstly it is educational and will be BORING for those who are not interested in the subject mattter discussed by the panel speakers.

Secondly, maybe they lack the command of the English language so they don't know the heads and tails of what was being said. They also cannot give a presentation on the subject in the international conference in English even if they went overseas for it.

Going overseas without giving a presentation in an international conference will be just a waste of the taxpayers money. I know this happen in real life too though I can't say where because my sibling told me about it when she went to one international conference in Paris, France about someone from a local university in Terengganu just going there without giving the scientific presentation when that was what he/she was supposed to do.

I bought one book on the Malaysian Youths Speak Out on leadership (a compilation of 21 winning essays of "Nurturing the Minds of Future Leaders" Essay Contest 2007) and most students who entered the contest who are mostly Malays wrote in Malay due to their lack of command of the English language.

Only Amir Fareed bin Abdul Rahman from Kolej Yayasan UEM, Perak for the Upper Secondary School Level who won 1st prize and Soraya binti Salim from International Islamic University who won the 4th prize were the only Malay who wrote for the contest in English. Other Malays wrote in Malay (which proves that they are lacking the command of the English language) while other non-malays wrote in English.

Maybe the government should bring back the English stream after we look at the poor command of the English language in the youths nowadays. It is so pathetic!

Breaking the siege of Gaza was a conference on factual details of what Israel are doing towards the people of Gaza, the Palestinians.

Therefore, for most youths who might not be concerned about what is happening around the world, what more of war in Gaza, will not care about the speeches given by the speakers.

They would be more interested to go and see entertainment programmes such as 'Akademi Fantasia' or 'Tunjuk Ajarku Sifu' which gives out exorbitant prizes to the grand winner.

The trend is so sad. What will happen to the future generation if they do not care about the more serious issues in life and stress more on entertainment?

Life is not all beds and roses. There are wars in other parts of the world, some people are starving, others are homeless. We have to think about other people who are not as lucky as we are here.

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  1. last paragraph - SETUJU!

    I tell my marissa the same too...


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