Thursday, July 29, 2010

Abolishment of Bumiputera discounts on properties are racism

Tony Pua, a bankrupt in Singapore had proven that he is a racist communist by suggesting the abolishment of bumiputera discounts on properties worth more than RM500,000 in Selangor.

The prices of houses in Selangor are quite high so not many people can afford those houses that cost around RM500,000 or more.

With the market prices that increases every year, how could bumiputeras afford to own properties if this suggestion is implemented?

This proves that the DAP will suggest and implement any policy as long as it oppresses the Malays.

Remember the cafe Do Re Mi in Penang, owned by a PAS supporter who was abolished in Penang?

Why would that cafe be abolished when more and more Chinese stalls are allowed to flourish?

Read more here.

We can see the indicator of who controlled Malaysian economy when 8 out of 10 richest men in Malaysia is led by Chinese businessmen/women.


  1. The only racist one here is you. Just because a race is more successful than another due to hard work, you want to punish them? Rather, the other 'lazy' races should try to beat them by working harder.

    Giving rich bumiputera discounts is an insult to affirmative action, and is an awful form of racism. Most of your allegations in this article are baseless, anyway.

  2. Oh yeah. You guys can get rich by indulging in any illegal activities; illegal FIFA betting, prostitution hiding under the massage parlour especially and doing in whatever thing that is against the law.

    If Muslims can do that too, we can be rich as well. But we are better than following you guys and indulging in whatever illegal activities.

  3. What does that have to do with anything? You are free to practice whatever religion you want.

    Just because this country forces you to practice Islam and prosecutes you for doing 'wrong' things, then it's a problem with the governors of the religion, not the religion itself.

  4. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. For example, if you elect a sodomiser to be the Prime Minister later, don't complaint if he rapes your butt.

    If you are still not satisfied, why don't you migrate or go back to whatever hellhole that you came from?

  5. Anon Aug 2nd. The lazy race now is the new generation of the Chinese. That is why you guys are playing the racist card more frequently now.

    Because your new generation are so complacent and not willing to work hard. Just spending the hard-earned money of the rich parents.


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