Friday, June 18, 2010

Send more flotillas to Gaza

The Free Gaza Movement had published an article dated 15th June 2010 titled "ICRC: Israel's Blockade Breaks the Law Free Gaza : Send More Ships".

For the first time, on 14th June 2010 the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) issued a statement that the Israel's blockade violates international humanitarian law that confirms what the Free Gaza Movement had been saying that the closure is illegal and states have neglected their obligation to uphold the Fourth Geneva Convention and compel Israel to end the deliberate strangulation of 1.5 million Palestinians locked in an open-air prison.

In the wee hours of May 31st, Israel launched an attack on the Freedom Flotilla, whic assassinated nine men and wounding over 50 human rights activists on all six boats in the flotilla.

Another voyage called Freedom Flotilla Two is being organized now since the Israel blockade are illegal and against the human rights of teh 1.5 million Palestinians that are being massacred daily.

Although The Free Gaza Movement had said that they are currently working with lawyers in a number of countries; including Turkey, the UK, the Netherlands, Israel (the terrorist nation) and the United States (the super power that is protecting the terrorist nation) to pursue legal action since the Israel attack the volunteers in international water, I doubt that would materialise.

Malaysia should also be a champion in pursuing this matter because we cannot just sit back and do nothing when our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters are being massacred everyday at the whim and fancies of the Israel terrorists.

On 17th June 2010, The Jerusalem Post published an article titled "Israel fears Lebanese 'fast' flotilla" which sounds a bit absurd. The Israel are not scared of anyone or anything as proven by the massacre of the unarmed volunteers they labelled as being related to terrorist to defend their cowardice act.

IDF is continuing to track the Iranian ships that is on its way to the Gaza Strip which had left Iran early this week and expected to reach Gaza as early as the weekend.

At the beginning of next week, another ship is scheduled to join it. The head of the Turkish organization IHH, Bulent Yildirim, announced on Wednesday that his organisation would send 6 more ships to Gaza in July.

All of the countries in the world should unite and each one should send one ship so that the Israel won't be able to stop them all. Now that is a good idea. Send thousands of flotillas at the same time. We will see how Israel can beat that.


  1. Why should Malaysia waste money on championing a lost cause when it can't even keep its own Muslims in line on home soil?

    You must be naive if you think every country in the world could unite against Israel. That would be ideal, of course, but it will never happen for as long as the USA supports it.

  2. I am not naive. I am just suggesting something that could change the world if all of the countries in the world unite against the Israel terrorist.


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