Thursday, June 24, 2010

Racist kiasu including KJ can go to hell

Datuk Ibrahim Ali was right in accusing Wee as being racist. Khairy Jamaludin should just keep his filthy mouth shut since he seems to be favouring other races rather than siding with his own.

We don't want a Malay liberal like him since the Malay race who represents the majority of the Malaysian population are still not in control of the economy of their own country.

Oh! And by the way, congratulations KJ for not getting any nomination to continue his successful duty in FAM. Bravo KJ! That is the proof of how much you are loved by all.

What would be the most perfect is if the UMNO Youth does not nominate him to be the UMNO Youth Chief who so far, had been so very successful in bringing in the youths to support UMNO.

MCA Youth Chief Wee Ka Siong should ask the richer Chinese that represents 8 out of the 10 names of the richest men in Malaysia to set up scholarship funds to help their own race instead of trying to be racist.

Therefore, this means that the Chinese are in control of the economy of Malaysia. The richer Chinese should help the poorer Chinese.

"This is not the first time that he has questioned the Malay rights. He once described the resolutions reached at the Bumiputera Economic Congress on May 29, in which Perkasa was a participant, as primitive," Tok Him said.

Don't be fooled by the Chinese in MCA and Gerakan since lately they are showing their true colours of echoing what had been said by the Chinese in DAP.


  1. To all Malaysians who love peace and prosperity in this country should realize and adhere to the 'Status Quo' and the Malaysian Constitution. Do not disturb and look for trouble to what has been practiced in this country since independence.Tan Cheng Lock, Tun Sanbanthan, and the Tunku were the smart people who had the right vision at foreseeing future problems and racial trouble if the individual rights of the Malays,Chinese and Indians could not be preserved.


  3. MCA dan Gerakan cerdik sebab mengutamakan kepentingan bangsa mereka. PAS dan PKR jugak bodoh sebab sanggup nak menggadai hak bangsa sendiri.

  4. UMNO hari ini penuh dengan CHINESE APPEASERS Pembodek Cina), Khairy Jamaluddin salah satu darinya. PAS dan PKR pula semua pemimpin dan ahli mereka adalah Chinese Appeasers..

    Kedudukan orang2 Cina Malaysia sangat kuat hari ini di dalam dan di luar BN. Di luar mereka disokong sampai ke hidung oleh orang2 PAS edan PKR, termasuk penyokong2 mereka di blog2 dan di dalam BN pula mereka disokong oleh Chinese Appeasers seperti KJ.

    Masanya akan sampai PAS dan PKR akan menuntut perkataan "Melayu" dibuang dari Perlembagaan dan diistiharkan tidak wujud lagi bangsa Melayu dengan sokongan Chinese Appeaser dalam BN..

  5. salam braders

    high time for the melayus take the chingkies and indians by the horns= addressed them with equal measures of 'respect' that they have accorded us.

    Calling a spade a spade must be the new paradigm for the melayu bloggers.

    For the proud and distant melayus like 'apco-promota'kerryjamban who
    spoke for the chingky 'delittlepig'ahsiong, we must give recognition
    he deserved. Dependent on 'surat nikah' for his position and illgotten
    wealth , it is high time we called him by a proper descriptor that represent his true colors.

    the 'pseudos' among melayus

    I suspect 'apco-promota'kerryjamban wants to project an image of a
    malaysian melayu when in fact he is nothing more than a regular
    'tempoyak-belacan'rembau shit so that he can gain support from the
    likes of menyalak-er , sloone and zorro

    raisanakyatim is another pseudo pejuang bahasa. While screaming
    about the importance of maintaining bm as a language, spoke perfect
    english the other day from the us.

    The 'pundek'koliangs

    the indian shits are best illustrated by 'pundeksothi' who called
    melayus beaurocrats as 'busuk hati ' in parliament and of course we must campaign to remind pm that he must never be made anybody in the gomen

    'pundek'lingam is the ultimate insult to the melayu intelligentsia-
    who I suspect are a buch of thickies. They cannot see the insult that
    de pariah is hurling at them

    the chingkie 'pornstar' and hi maintenance sluts

    all the fiscal mismangement will be swept under the carpet by the
    slick pornstar chua kong kek and we have the chingkie high maintenance
    slut yen yen wasting public millions on the leaning arches in Penang.

    if we fail to accord proper 'repect' which these chingkies and koliangs
    have earned, more of them will appear in the malaysian scene.

    Is it not fun to celebrate these ' celebrities' in their natural
    despicable environment?

    khong khek khuat


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