Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prison labour

Our government should consider making the prisoners work for their free meals. Don't just feed them 3 meals a day without they having to work for it. This will make them lazy and fat and make them living more comfortably than living outside.

This move of making the prisoners work could decrease the need for foreign workers.

How could the government be spending millions if not billions a year for free to give food to the prisoners? They should work for it to get their food and minimum pay.

In Malaysia, as at 2002, there are a total of 83 prisoners serving imprisonment for life. 16 serving natural life sentences, 7 being detained in prisons at the pleasure of the Ruler and a total of 66 prisoners who are on death-row.

Prisons in Malaysia are seriously overcrowded. As at 2004, the Malaysian Prisons Department Statistics show that there are a total of 42,183 prisoners in Malaysian prisons, with more than 10,000 prisoner accommodated well beyond the handling capabilities of the prison system.

Just calculate how much is spent by the government if per day they had to spend RM30(3 meals a day) on each prisoner's meal per day. 42, 183 X RM30 X 365 days = RM461,903,850.

RM461,903,850 for the year 2004. Now it's already 2010 and surely that cost is higher due to the inflation.

We should make the prisoners work so that they could give back to the country even though they are rotting in prison. They are rotting there for indulging in crime. Therefore, they should be made to work to earn money for the free food given to them.

The government should not be their keeper, giving them free food and wasting the tax payer's money to feed the criminals. They should be made to work for it. Better still, if they work in the construction industry so that the foreign workers used in that industry could be decreased drastically.

Most of those caught doing illegal activities are used to be doing work illegally and they got easy money by blackmailing others, by being gangster members, indulging in illegal betting, etc.

Make those suckers work hard for the free meal that they had received in prison so far. It is so unfair to let them be fat there without doing any work to benefit the society.

Most of us are working hard to earn a day's living, we pay taxes and those taxes are being used to pay for the free meals of the criminals. This should not be the way. The prisoners should work hard for their meals too.


  1. While they are fed 3 meals a day, I hardly think they get feasts fit for kings. Nor is their surroundings as luxurious as you make it out to be.

    While it is a good idea to have within-prison factories a la American prisons, how do you propose making sure convicted murderers/rapists do not escape or commit further crimes while working on an open construction site?

  2. That is just a suggestion. The government may not want the criminals to work in the construction industry but the criminals could work in other areas which do not require them to leave the prison.

    Maybe some creative work that could be sold to the tourist at the Tourism shops all over Malaysia and the money from it can be made to pay the prisoners so that they do not just have a free meal there.

    At least do something so that the country can generate income from their work.

    We can think more on that. Even if they are made to work at the construction site, they feet can be made to wear something that is akin to those criminals under house arrest in America.

  3. The SCRAM bracelet is rather expensive to purchase and requires further expense to monitor and have a response team ready.

    But I understand what you're trying to say. Prisoners should be put to work instead of wasting away in their cells. Fair enough.


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