Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't give in to unreasonable demands

The Indonesian government is too much when they are asking a minimum wage for the Indonesian maid.

In a report by The Star dated 9th June 2009, Dai Bachtiar who is the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia said that the minimum pay of RM600 a month will be implemented in September.

Hello! The maid are only a person that helps around the house. They are uneducated and some of them are lazy and acted like a mem in the house and will not listen to the instructions of the employer.

This normally happens when they live with a Malay family. When they live with a Chinese family, the Chinese employer will make them work from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. which should be the way to teach these ungrateful maids.

Dai Bachtiar compared the rates with the rates paid in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong which is RM900 and RM1,300 respectively. If they are so keen on working elsewhere that pays better, then go ahead. Nobody is stopping them to do that.

Malaysian employers have to pay up to RM8,000 for each maid and some of the maid are lazy like cows and some of them will run away from home due to their laziness that they would even leave behind their passports.

So, think what will happen is the maids are allowed to hold their own passport? The government should use their brain more and think about this, not just give in to whatever silly demands of the Indonesian government.

Senator Parlindungan Purba, the Indonesian Entrepreneur Association president, said a minimum wage of RM450 a month is sufficient for Indonesian maids in Malaysia.

If the Indonesian government is adamant for the maids to be paid a minimum wage of RM600, then maybe the Malaysian employer should CONSIDER DEDUCTING THE COST OF ROOM RENT (RM350), THE COST OF ELECTRICITY (RM50), THE COST OF FOOD (RM100) AND OTHER COSTS. All of that costs money and it is not fair if only the employer have to bear the burden of the extra charges. What do you think of that?

Now most of the maids are living free of charge with the employer, so if the Indonesian government are so demanding, that is what the Malaysian government and the Malaysian employers should do.

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The Malaysian government should not be too lenient with the Indonesian government because the maids are the ones who should not be demanding too much since they cannot get that much pay or any work in their own country.

RM358.34 is equivalent to Indonesian Rupiah of 1 million. So even if the maid work as maids, if they keep their money after working for instance 10 years, they will go back and live like billionaires in their own country.

So what more are they demanding? Even a new graduate working in Malaysia cannot possibly be a millionaire after working 10 years.

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  1. i think indonesian maids are dreaming if they think they can get minimum pay of RM600 per month. most will be sent home a.s.a.p if that will be implemented. in the end, indonesia will be the ones who will suffer. malaysia can get maids elsewhere.
    most indonesian maids are sumwhat incompetent. have to be taught from scratch on what to do... vacum cleaner pun tak reti nak pakai, yet asking for RM600 a month?? funny.

    p/s:wish to get maids from Bosnia..


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