Thursday, June 17, 2010

Continue with PPSMI

The Malay language is the official language of Malaysia. However, why is it that many Chinese, Indians and other minorities cannot converse well in Malay? Malaysia should implement that every Malaysian should be able to converse well in Malay. Those who failed to do that, should go back to their respective countries a.s.a.p. We must follow our neighbouring country's system, where the Chinese living in Indonesia can converse well in the Indonesian language and do not even know how to speak in their own mother tongue.

Even the British government had announced on 9th June 2010 that any immigrant coming to Britain to marry have to show they can speak English at the same level required for skilled workers under the points-based system. Read more about it here.

You are the descendants of the Chinese and Indian that was brought in by the British colonizer to take back the richness of rubber and tin mining resources to their own country to stop their country from becoming bancrupt. Read more here how the British had stolen our country's resources.

It is double-standard that the so-called fighter for the Malay language would demand our government to abolish the teachings of Mathematics and Science in English when they do not demand the abolishment of the racists vernacular schools which do not promote the integration of various races in Malaysia under one roof.

This proves that they are doing this because they are actually the leaders and supporters of the opposition or Pakatan Rakyat. They want the 2 subjects to be taught in Malay because they are getting profits from it since some of them are the writers of the books in the Malay language or they have their vested interest if this policy is abolished.

On 9th June 2010, The Star published an article titled "English is the way to go, says Johor Ruler's consort".

“They are reluctant to participate in international conferences because they have no confidence in speaking up and writing reports in English,” said the Johor Ruler Sultan Ibrahim’s consort.

“Post-9/11, there have been stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam. With good English, we can tell the world that Malaysian Muslims do not prescribe to the doctrine of terrorism.”

“Nevertheless, education is always dynamic. Teachers need to be aware of the latest happenings in order to keep up with the students nowadays,” she added.

We will witness the degration of the English language mastery amongst the youths and students, our university ranking in the world university ranking will drop down like a smelly jackfruit if the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English is abolished. Therefore, I am against the decision of Muhyidin Yassin to cancel the policy because that is a very STUPID move.


  1. I agree that the teaching of science and math should be done in English. We cannot jeopardize the future of our generation by pulling them backwards when they are already moving forward. We have to develop fast and the only way to do this is by mastering English. Bahasa still has a long way to go.... Please continue with PPSMI

  2. Akan ada cerdik putar belit berkata, Jepun, Thailand dan korea tak payah berbahasa Inggeris pun tapi maju. Jika diajukan begini maka lebih baiklah rakyat lantik cerdik putar belit ini untuk menjadi pemimpin...Mesti selamat Malaysia dengan 1001 helah dalam mentadbir..


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