Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone else sees red over NEGARAKUKU?

I am flabbergasted that a certain someone who had used the National Anthem and made fun of it by making a new song he renamed as Negarakuku was not held under the ISA or at least charged in the court of law.

I mean, come on, that asshole put that song in the Youtube which can be seen by anyone from all over the world and we let him scout free. That is so dumb. I want to see if a Malay can get away with it if he did what Nameweeasshole did.

There is such a thing called the National Anthem Act, 1968 which states that the National Anthem consists of 3 versions; the full version or the Royal Version of the National Anthem, the Abridged Version of the National Anthem comprising the first eight lines and the last eight lines and the Short Version which comprises of the last eight lines.


* When any version of the National Anthem is played or sung, all present must stand up as a sign of respect.
* If the National Anthem is broadcast, such show of respect for the anthem is not expected.
* Anybody who deliberately does not show respect for the National Anthem at any public place may be fined not more than one hundred ringgit or imprisoned for not more than one month.
* Any act which appears to belittle the National Anthem in the eyes of the public, is considered as not respecting the National Anthem. The Police officers are empowered to arrest without warrant anybody found to be disrespectful towards the National Anthem.

The sleeping Prime Minister's voice does not represent the majority

Readers should give their feedback if they want this asshole who had clearly been disrespectful of our national anthem should be charged in the court of law or not? Why is it that when a Chinese did something like this, he can get away with it? But when a Malay did anything to irk the Chinese, he will pay for it dearly?

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  1. Contoh yang nyata buat bangsa lain tidak takutkanmelayu..terlalu berlembut nanti susah pulak untuk dikeraskan balik...


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