Saturday, May 15, 2010

The racist extremists in DAP is at it again

The DAP bitch who has been sucking cocks had been lying extensively at the Sibu voters. She had the nerve to spin a tale that the Chinese Christians should not be voting for Barisan Nasional.

She told the Chinese Christian in Sibu that voting for Barisan Nasional is akin to betraying the Christian faith. She had gone as far as telling the biggest lie that 5,000 Malay language bible had been burnt and destroyed by the Customs.

The actual fact is the bibles are being kept in a warehouse in Klang as explained by Datuk Ahmad Fuad, TKSU of Home Ministry. He said that the bibles are still bing kept in the warehouse although they are not legally bound to keep it beyond the stipulated time.

This is already too much. DAP had also been harping on the issue of using Allah to replace God in Christianity. This move had been wholly supported by the subversive Islamic party PAS and another party treasonous to the country, PKR.

The above picture also proves that sucking the cock bitch had been pleading for donations from the people as done by PAS and PKR previously. Surely this move had been made after seeing the successly ploy by PAS and PKR which had deceived their followers.

A political party should be the ones helping the people who are their loyal supporters and voters and not be taking advantage of them and becoming like some NGO collecting money for some good cause. Just because they are gullible people who believe in all of your slanderous lies, you are also making up sob stories so that they will give their hard-earned money to you easily. Instead of the leaders helping the people, the people had to help the leaders. This is really so pathetic.

There have been news about DAP being a little too extreme in Sibu and PAS turning docile like a little lamb. Mat Sabu who was usually fiery in many of the PAS speeches had been enslaved and accommodating towards DAP.

When it was the time for the DAP racist Chinese extremist time to speak, they however instigated the Chinese by saying that if the Chinese voted for a Malay, they are traitors to their own race because the Malays would chase them out of this country.

The Malays are not that heartless and we had never treated anyone as badly as the Chinese treated the Malays. So this is clearly only referring to what they will do towards the Malays if they are in control of the Federal Government, god forbids.

Once a communist, always a communist and this had been proven by the oppression of the DAP government towards the Malays in Penang which had been double-standard in their treatment of the Malays there.


  1. Brother,

    Salam. While I am not a DAP supporter, I personally will not condemn ALL Chinese merely because the DAP uses Chinese seniments. Likewise, I also think it is incorrect to condemn ALL Malays because of the excesses and incompetence of a few Umnoputras. I suppose I have this thinking because I am influenced by the Quran.

    However, I agree with you that there are Chinese racists, Malay racists, Indian racists, German racists, etc. This is not surprising as good people or bad people can appear on earth in any skin color.

    Peace and may you be well...)

  2. On another note, it is shameful that DAP is using the "Christian" tool to win this election. It is playing a dangerous game and it is not good for the nation. I have always been against the abuse of any religion for political ends. Hence, it is also worrisome that the Church in Sibu appears to be lending it support to DAP.

    Peace !

  3. Hi Jahamy. Thank you for commenting in my blog.

    Read all of my postings and you will see that I am only blasting the racists in DAP. And other who might be offended, why should they be offended if they are not Chinese racists pigs?

    DAP is a party about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

  4. eh bro, have always seen u commenting in other blogs like GAP, unspinners and others, now i am going to visit ur blog more often, keep up the good work

  5. Keep it up bro.. u got our support..


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