Thursday, May 13, 2010

DAP is feeling the heat of 13th May 1969.

It is not complicated to understand why Teresa Kok, the Secretary of Centre DAP had been complaining so loudly about "Melayu Bangkit" programme organised by Terengganu Integrity Institute and Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak).

This is what the communist bitch had to say about the programme. I quote what she had said to one reporter from Sinar Harian.

"The celebration clearly does not intend to keep the harmony that had existed in the country moreover it is not at par with the 1Malaysia objective that had been called out by the Prime Minister.

"More worrying it will be the reason of the disunity amongst the people and contradicting with what had been told about the spirit of unity amongst the various races," she said that the 13th May incident was the bitter history that had caused many lives to be lost.

"It is acknowledged that we should have the freedom to organise gatherings but if it inflicts bad effects, the authorities should prohibit the organisation.

"Moreover, the attendance of several leaders that had been announced to be attending the gatherings might also tarnish their image, " she said.

What the crap are you talking about? That's so great coming from the mouth of the Secretary of the most racist party in Malaysia.

Hey! Did you think that we, the Malays for once will forget the real reason that had caused 13th May 1969 to occur?

I am sure that you for one, a member of the party that had actually been the culprit behind the 13th May incident to occur, does know that your party is the reason for it to happen?

If you don't and you happen to be senile. It's okay. I will remind you of what actually happen. Is that okay with you?

In the 1969 general election, the Alliance affliated by UMNO-MCA-MIC had failed to gain 2/3 majority in the parliament, although they still manage to form the federal government. This had been constituted by the opposition party as an enormous win for them. The aggregate that had been won in the Parliament had been reduced from 89 seats in 1964 to 66 seats in 1969.

Gerakan, Democratic Action Party (DAP) and the Progressive People's Party (PPP) won 25 seats in the Parliment whereas PAS won 12 seats.

The occurrence of 1969 May 13th is the succession of provocation from the opposition that had been started since the night of 10th May 1969 to celebrate their winning. The DAP supporters had been condemning and insulting the Malays while having procession in the streets around Kuala Lumpur. This continued until the 13th of May 1969, when a group of Malays had lost their temper and retaliated.

This event happened following the announcement of the General Election results on the 10th of May 1969.

Dr. Tan Chee Khoon from Gerakan had won big in Batu, Selangor. He had requested the permission from the police to move in procession to celebrate the party's winning in Selangor which saw 50:50 in Selangor. The procession had caused massive traffic jam around Kuala Lumpur. The procession was until Jalan Campbell and Jalan Hale and heading towards Kampung Baru. Kampung Baru which houses more than 30,000 Malays which is the UMNO fort, felt threatened with the winnings of the opposition. There, resides the house of Selangor Menteri Besar during that time, Dato' Harun Idris.

It was said that the Chinese that won had paraded by tying a broom to their vehicles as a symbol of their winning later alleged to symbolise the sweeping out of the Malays from Kuala Lumpur to the sea, while others chanted slogans about the "sinking" of the Alliance boat — the coalition's logo. In the tradition of the Malays, the broom had a negative connotation. Some had uttered profanity and spitted from the lorry at the Malays standing by the roadsides.

In Jinjang, Kepong, the death of a Chinese that died of old age was being carried along the road with the permission from the police. However the death procession later turned into a winning election procession which insulted the Malays.

On Tuesday 13th May, Yeoh Tech Chye who is the Gerakan President apologised for the overindulgence of its members during the procession. Yeoh had won big in the Bukit Bintang area, Kuala Lumpur. But the apology had come a little too late.

UMNO had organised its own counter procession in the morning of 13th May 1969 which resulted in this incident. This is only due to high emotions and lack of control from both sides. The procession has not been planned.

The Malays gathered at Selangor MB's house in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Dato' Harun Idris who is the Selangor MB at that time had tried to restraint the situation. Apparently, those who had gathered had brought along swords and long machete and is only waiting for the order from Dato' Harun Idris to run amok.

After congregating, stories about the audacity of Gerakan members had been spreading and antagonizing. At 3.00 p.m. the news about the murder of a Malay in Setapak, just two kilometres from the Selangor MB's house was received. There had been other stories about a pregnant woman that had been killed and her foetus had been removed from her stomach using the pork suspension steel. Before letting out her last breath the woman had been able to put back her foetus that had been removed back inside her stomach.

4.00 p.m. two passing Chinese motorcyclists that went through Jalan Kampung Baru had been beheaded. One van carrying cigarettes had been set ablazed and the driver murdered. The Chinese men which was said to be from Malayan Communist Party (PKM) and secret societies had retaliated. They killed the Malays around Kuala Lumpur. It seems to be that the Chinese and the Chinese men was equipped with various steel weapons, lance and spear macheted at the end just like in the old Chinese films.

These stories which cannot be determined whether it is true or not had further boosted the fiery enmities amongst the Malays and the Chinese. A bigger riot occured. An emergency order had been directed, nobody was allowed to go out from their houses. The police force were patrolling around Kuala Lumpur. Soldiers and Regiment Rangers had been earlier instructed to maintan the peace around Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Fuck up all the chinese!!!!! I remember the broom stick they carried on the vehicles!!!! My parents told me that when i was a kid!!!!! Go to hell all the chinese!!!!!!!

  2. I was young boy then in PJ old town Jalan templer. I still remember procession about two km long with late V David sitting in the MG opentop sport car. They went around twice around Jalan Othman (ITM was) and PJ Old Town instigating ITM students for two days.

    After that it was history.

    Lesson learned, do not allow any deomonstration and procession to last more then a day or two.If not, it will become uncontrollable.

  3. qoute:
    Anonymous said...''
    Fuck up all the chinese!!!!! I remember the broom stick they carried on the vehicles!!!! My parents told me that when i was a kid!!!!! Go to hell all the chinese!!!!!!! ''

    this certain helped alot in national integration

  4. Anon 11:46 PM. National integration cannot be achieved if the Chinese and Indians are adamant on having their own vernacular schools.

    Their selfishness and Suqiu's certainly didn't help with national integration.


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